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Why are we still on this planet?

Posted in idiots, philosophy with tags , , on August 15, 2013 by Demerson

I often wonder how it is that the moon landing did not spark the biggest revolutionary period in the history of our species. You would think that the momentous occasion of actually touching down on somewhere that isn’t Earth would have motivated the majority of human beings to reach for even greater heights. That has been, of course, our greatest quality throughout history.

So you can understand why I am confused when mankind simply said “that’s good enough, we’ll settle for that.” Why is it that the majority of mankind just settled for that achievement and has yet to reach for anything higher? The effects on our pride as a species not withstanding, it’s simply stupid to have the entire species on one planet. Just like Stephen Hawking said, we should not have our eggs in one basket. It’s almost suicidal.

Mankind, I think, was meant to spread amongst the stars. Some people may see space and the rest of the Universe as scary and terrifying, as well as isolating and cold. It is definitely all of that for sure, but it is also beautiful and full of endless potential… which is exactly how life is. Life can be scary, you can feel alone, you can feel like nobody cares about you at all. But you have the power to change all of that, every single person has the power to change that for themselves, but they rarely ever take that power and do something with it.

The Universe is exactly the same way. It is life, it is existence. Confining ourselves to this cage we call a planet to simply rot away until there is nothing left of us is utter madness. We need to break from our planetary bonds. Only in that way can we experience true freedom as a species.


My Struggle

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