My Struggle

Against the idiots of the day.

The problem with social media and the internet is that any idiot can make his voice be heard. My first example is this:
Ask someone a question, get it answered by some random fuckwad. Not only was I not asking this particular person, but he also suggests that I shutup and appreciate the localization. Well, this would explain why the Tales series of games is fucking awful, because it has fans like this kid. For the record, no, I will not appreciate a shitty localization. What will happen though is that I won’t buy the game, it will not meet sales expectations, and then Bamco will once again cry about how bad Tales games do in the West.

Second on the menu was this particular incident:
Oh really? So I’m part of the problem just because I care about canine nuptials? Whatever man, at least I’m not a dog hater.


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