DLC Schedules: Why do they exist?

Why does something that is so frustrating to players exist as it does?

I recently acquired Hyperdimension Neptunia V last week for the PS3. I’ve been looking forward to playing it, but as it turns out, I can’t play it yet. Why can’t I play it? Because the game just released on March 22nd in North America and they are just now beginning their schedule of releasing DLC.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Normally I don’t care about DLC much because they’re usually pointless and superfluous shit. The problem arises when DLC actually contains meaningful content to the game, and in the case of Neptunia V (which is a JRPG don’t forget) this consists of characters to recruit to your party and use in battle. These are not throwaway characters either. In the case of Neptunia mk2, the DLC characters were already in the game, you encountered them and they had their own little place in the story, it’s just that the DLC made them recruitable and usable in battle, along with giving them extra scenes.

This wouldn’t be a huge issue if this type of DLC was released the same week the game was released. The biggest problem occurs when DLC release schedules come into play. Game developers and publishers have lately taken towards releasing a game’s DLC on a schedule, letting pieces of DLC trickle down to players every week. For some pieces of DLC, such as maps or new levels, this is fine because it’ll make people who already completed the game pick it up again to clear the new content. However, when character DLC is put into this system, it becomes a big problem for players.

We’re then faced with the dilemma of “Do I go ahead and play the game now or do I wait till the character DLC is released?” In most cases, it is usually months before character DLC becomes available. Players then risk finishing the game without the added characters, potentially missing their scenes throughout the game. Or they wait months to play the game they bought, just so they can feel like they’re playing the “complete” game. It could be argued that they could just go back to the game once the character DLC is released and replay the game, but usually players will have moved on by then and won’t feel like replaying a game they finished just three or four months ago.

I really think DLC release schedules should be done away with, or at least take these thoughts into consideration. If character DLC is completed at the time of the game’s release, then they should be released around the time of the game’s release and not three or four months later. I would even prefer Day 1 DLC, as evil as it is, to having to wait months to fully enjoy the game I bought.


2 Responses to “DLC Schedules: Why do they exist?”

  1. I AGREE.

  2. You won’t move on by then you’ll still have nothing to do, just replay the game when the dlc is out and stop whining.

    Specially you mammon, you REALLY wont have anything else to do.

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